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Founder President: Dr. Ken Rabac; Founder Chairman: Prof. Deepak Jain
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AMITY COLLEGE P.O. Box 780097 Orlando, FL 32878-0097, USA

Amity College – Florida is institutionalized in the state of Florida, USA as a non-secular educational foundation for promoting peace through spirituality and education.

Amity College – Florida offers educational programs in Spiritual Leadership, Management, and Direction. Our programs are delivered through distributed education, a combination of residential classrooms at 3 locations in Orlando, Florida and online modules with time reporting and monitoring logs.

The educational and research programs at Amity College – Florida are delivered under strict discipline, time monitoring, and quality processes to ensure to meeting course specific competencies and objectives and to build spiritual and religious scholars of high capabilities and repute.

Reform humankind by integrating professional skills and Spiritual Leadership, Management, and Direction.


  • To develop, promote, and execute degree and certificate programs related to spirituality as expressed in the fields of ministry and spiritual direction. Concentrations and specializations (areas of student interest) may incorporate Spiritual Direction, with theology, education, administration, music, media communications, social work, science, commerce, arts, management, technology, and other disciplines to equip scholars with high end proficiency and ethics.
  • To offer educational and research programs of strong moral values blended with religious principles of humanity through a high end combinations of residential classroom and online learning.
  • To equip humankind with ethical principles and religious traditions through high value education.
  • To lead in academic and research areas to integrate spiritual values with proficiency needs of religious and corporate life.

Amity College – Florida offers educational and research programs within the following faculties:
- Faculty of Spiritual Direction
- Faculty of Spiritual Management
- Faculty of Spiritual Leadership

Amity College – Florida offers all its programs at baccalaureate, masters, post-graduate, doctorate, and post-doctorate levels. All programs are delivered through a combination of classroom and online learning mechanism. All courses are designed to meet the edge cutting proficiency expectations of corporate world with high moral values.

All programs are maintained and administered in consistency with the standards and ethics of Spiritual Directors International and the National Postdoctoral Association.

Faculty of Spiritual Studies
Amity College Faculty of Spiritual Direction (ACFSD) offers educational and research programs of religious topics including Neurotheology, Religious Principles, and Applied Spirituality.
Major programs offered in conjunction with ACFSD include the following:

  • Diploma in Spiritual Direction, Leadership or Management (Dip.SD,SL,SM.)
  • Bachelor of Spiritual Direction with concentrations in Leadership or Management (B.SD)
  • Master of Spiritual Direction (M.SD.)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Spiritual Direction (Ph.SD.)

All programs provide mandatory course work in specialities including Humanity & Ethics, Spiritual Practices, and Spiritual Leadership, Management, and Direction.

Major specializations in which students are already professional or proficient can be enhanced by spiritual studies offered at Amity College. Scholars, instructors, Mentors and Subject Matter Experts (SME's) are available in Science, Commerce, and Arts related subjects with specialists in Linguistics, Mathematics, Law, Computer Science, Finance, Auditing, and many other fields. These faculty mentors and SME's enhance a student's academic achievement by providing guidance, advice, coaching and expertise.

The Amity College study programs are focused towards developing scholars with ethics and the moral basis of humanities provided by mature spirituality. The Graduate, Post-graduate, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral educational and research programs at Amity College – Florida are evolved to cater to the spiritual needs of modern generations across globe.

Amity College educational programs are distinguished across world taught by faculty mentors and SME's of National and International repute. Its distinctive combination of classroom and online training and multidisciplinary education approach is an example of parallel development of skills and spiritual values.

Contact Amity College
PHONE: +1(407)332-4666

Academic Staff: 

Dr. Ken Rabac, Founder President
Dr. Deepak Jain, Founder Chairman