JIABU Vol.4 - 2013: Special Edition on Buddhist Critical Thinking Skills

Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Universities, Vol. IV, 2013
Special Edition: Buddhist Critical Thinking Skills

Edited by Dr. Dion Peoples

Table of Contents:

  • Editorial Comment: 2
  • Learning and Interdependence: Towards a Buddhism-inspired Theory of Learning -- Soraj Hongladarom 4
  • Structuralization of the formation of Critical Thinking Skills for Learning, Practice, and Development: Case of Buddhism -- Jacob W. Buganga 16
  • Psychotherapy: Meditation and Change -- Helen Rosen 28
  • Reflections on the Structure of Buddhist Thinking -- Ronald Y. Nakasone 38
  • Critical Thinking in the Context of Interreligious Responses to the Suffering of Economic Injustice -- Ulrich Duchrow 49
  • Critical Thinking: Establishing the Foundation for Buddhist Practice -- Gregory Ryhor Haurylau 61
  • Are Buddhists Critical Thinkers? -- Saw Yee Mon 66
  • The Curious Case of the Formless Attainments -- Supriya Rai 70
  • Story of Mittavinda and Fruition of Karma: A Comparative Analysis -- Bhagyashree Bavare 83
  • Using Buddhist Critical Thinking Skills: An Assessment of the Journal Articles and Additional Matters from Research in the field of Critical Thinking -- Dion Oliver Peoples
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