Budapest's Dharma Gate Buddhist College's Buddhist Summer School Courses


Buddhist Thought and Practice

Open Gate: Study Buddhism with Authentic Teachers! Summer Courses in the Middle of Europe

1st of July - 4th of August

The Dharma Gate Buddhist College is organizing a summer school in Budapest, Hungary. The event is the second part of a series of Budapest Buddhist Summer Schools to take place every summer.

Every year we invite renowned exponents of Buddhist thought and practice to teach their particular traditions. Teachers and students are welcome from all over the world.

Our respected teachers in 2012


Ven. Khammai Dhammasami - 1st - 7th of July

"Discourse on Mindfulness". Vipassana meditation course based on Satipatthana-sutta (Discourse on Mindfulness) - for people with or without Vipassana meditation ("insight into the true nature of reality") practice. Read more >

Lecturer and meditation teacher from Mahachulalongkornrajavidyala University, Thailand - 8th - 12th of July

Details to be announced later.

Lama Tony Duff - 13th - 21st of July

"Unending Auspiciousness: The Buddhist Journey and the Sutra of the Recollection of the Noble Three Jewels"

Meditation course based on an important text on taking refuge, The Sutra of the Recollection of the Noble Three Jewels in a way that shows all level of meaning. Read more >

Richard Gombrich - 23rd of July - 4th of August

Join Professor Richard Gombrich for his high-quality Pali Course for beginners enabling students to read and discuss texts of the Pali Canon. Read more >

Joanna Jurewicz 23rd - 25th of July

"Early Buddhist and Vedic Thought":

23rd of July - The interpretation of the Nāsadīyasūkta ( 10.129)

24fth of July - Playing with fire – the pratītyasamutpāda from the perspective of Vedic thought

25th of July - The Ågveda: ‘small scale’ societies and rebirth eschatology

Read more >

All programmes will be held in English with Hungarian translation (except Pali Course).


 - Discourse on Mindfulness with Ven. Khammai Dhammasami: 100 €

 - Unending Auspiciousness with Lama Tony Duff: 300 €

 - Pali Course for Beginners with Professor Richard Gombrich: 300 €

 - Early Buddhist and Vedic Thought with Professor Joanna Jurewicz: 100 €

Application form available until: 15th of June 2012.

With any questions please do not hesitate to mail to

We welcome all to participate and enjoy this colorful international Buddhist event in the friendly garden city environment of the Buddhist College in the 9th district of Budapest at 11 Börzsöny Street.

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