JIABU Vol.9 - 2016: ASEAN

The Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Universities
(JIABU) Volume IX, 2016
Buddhism & ASEAN Regional Issues

(Digital Edition)

Table of Contents:

The Social Structure of Loving-Kindness in Buddhist Populations of the ASEAN Region (And Neighbors) - A Sociological Analysis
Dr. José A. Rodríguez Díaz 1

Buddhism and Disability: Toward a Socially Engaged Buddhist ‘Theology’ of Bodily Inclusiveness
Dr. Bee Scherer 26

Evaluating the “Unconscious in Dream” between Sigmund Freud and the Buddhist Tipiṭaka
Mr. P.B. Tan 36

The Doctrine of Buddha-Nature in Mahāyāna Buddhism
Dr. Tony Sin-Heng See 47

Understanding Principles and Community Practices Related to Non-Violence and Conflict Resolution from an Islamic Tradition
Mr. Amjad Mohamed-Saleem 57

The Bodhisattva Ideal and Socially Engaged Buddhism: A Progressive Approach
Asst. Prof. Dr. Priyasen Singh 70

Interpretation of Concept of Nibbāna in Engaged Buddhism: A Case Study on Engaged Buddhist Leaders
Ven. Phan Anh Duoc 81

Contribution towards the Peace and Security of Southeast Asia through Venerable Chin Kung’s Idea of “Multicultural Education”
Mr. Saiping An 94

The “Holy Men’s” Uprisings in the Thai Political Dynamics: Merits Counted
Venerable Yuande Shih 101

Sinxay as a Jataka Nauk Nibat – A Jataka Outside the Circle
Mr. Peter Whittlesey 109

Cham Architecture in Viet Nam
Asst. Prof. Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh 119

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