JIABU Vol.7 - 2016: Buddhism & Peace

Table of Contents:

A Brief Biography and Obituary of The Most Venerable Phong Samaleuk (Piyadhiro
Bhikkhu) ---------- Sayadej Ekaggacitto 1

World Peace and Conflict Resolution: A Solution from Buddhist Point of View ----------
Arvind Kumar Singh 6

A Critical Theory-Praxis for Contemplative Studies ---------- Zachary David Walsh 22

Nonviolent Buddhist Peace Work: Textual Support for Nonviolent Peace Work in Early
Buddhism ---------- Weston Elliot Strickler 34

Understanding of Bodhicitta in context of the four rivers as given in Lam Rim teaching in Buddhism; An understanding to achieve peace by putting Buddhist teaching into practice ---------- V. K. Singh 42

The Battle Within: Developing a Virtuous Self for the Attainment of Communal Peace
and Harmony ---------- Dipti Visuddhangkoon 50

People Power: Civil Resistance and Social Transformation - An Introduction to
Nonviolent Conflict ---------- Robert A. Kezer 59

What About “Mindfulness” in Mindfulness-based Intervention? ---------- Micka Moto-Sanchez 63

International Conference on Buddhist Women ---------- Rosnida Sari 81

Buddhist Approach: The Causes of Social Conflict and its Solution ----------Phyu Mar Lwin 85

Buddhist Perspectives on Challenges and Opportunities in Youth Participation in Good
Governance and Peace Building in Africa ---------- Jacob Waiswa Buganga 93

Espionage at the time of Buddha ---------- Karuna Jagannath Jadhav 99

Buddhist States, Citizenship, and Justice ---------- Michael Jerryson and Alan Tomhave 106

Buddhist-Muslim Collision in Sri Lanka: A History ---------- Nandana Wijesinghe 122

Book Reviews:

Ethan Nichtern’s The Road Home 134

Tue Quang Wisdom Light Foundation’s Dictionary of Buddhist Terms 137

Anand Singh’s Buddhism at Sarnath