JIABU Vol.6 - 2015 (Digital Edition)

Table of Contents:

Obituary: L.S. Cousins, 1942–2015
Prof. Sarah Shaw 6

Book Review: David N. McCarthy’s Civil Endowment: The Transformation of Economic Power
Dr. Dion Peoples 9

The Buddha’s Temperance: A Comparison of Epicureanism and the Dhamma
Phra Seth Abhijato 17

The Eucharist and Fusatsu: A Comparative Study of Ritual and Application of Divine Reflexivity Theory
Micka Moto-Sanchez 26

The Sustainable Management of the Mekong River Basin: Insights from Buddhism
Dr. Peter Daniels 46

From Innovative to Conventional: Transformations of Practice in Psychology and Meditation
Dr. Helen Rosen 63

Stem Cell Research and Bioethical Issues: A Buddhist Perception
Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh 72

Right to Life of an Unborn: Practice of Abortion in South Korea from a Buddhist Standpoint
Abhinav Anand & Ajit Kumar Behura 81

Subordination, Repression and Coping Strategies in the Jātaka Tales
Dr Neekee Chaturvedi 90

The Buddha’s Jatakas and Karl Marx’s Volumes on Capital – Towards an authentic perspective of Buddhist Economics for ASEAN
Dr. Dion Peoples 101

Motorcycle and the Art of Zen
Ricardo Sasaki 122

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